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In 1977, Mr Manohar Y Patil started supplying diesel engine components and assemblies to diesel engine manufacturer with the business name Precision Enterprises. It was a small and single step towards an ambitious dream. Mr Manohar Y Patil is a visionary, an entrepreneur to the core and a deadly hard worker. Within a short span of time company expanded the activities and started second manufacturing unit to meet growing business demand. Simultaneously with the tangible expansion, the company was getting acceptance and preference from diesel engine manufacturers and received Gold Medal for business excellence in diesel engine components manufacturing category.

In the year 2000, new facility was built in MIDC Shiroli, an industrial area in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India and entire operations moved to new building. In 2001, Ratna Udyog was established to respond critical machining needs in the market. Mr Manohar Patil’s elder son Mr. Sachin Patil and younger son Mr Nitin Patil joined company as Director in the year of 2000 and 2009 respectively. Both of them are qualified Graduates in Engineering. They have inherited the business acumen, discipline, ambitions from their father.


Spreading Wings

Ratna Udoyg was initially engaged in machining operations for single Sector. Patil Brothers were well aware that dependence on a single sector may present an awkward situation due to sluggishness in that sector. Therefore, it was decided to widen the scope of operations panning other sectors. Now Ratna Udoyg has operations spread across all the major sectors like Passenger Car, Commercial and Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Earth Moving Equipment.

Having achieved solid foundation of critical machining, we set up a shell core, shell moulded foundry in Year 2016 with a Capacity of 200T per month and gradually expanded to current level of 700T per month. Now we offer a full service from casting design, sample development and engineering to production, finishing, inspection and shipping. Ratna Udyog also buys around 300 T per month of Green sand foundry parts from nearby foundries and machines those to give our customer a one stop shop service. Ratna Udyog has also developed expertize in machining critical Forging components. We can act as a single source to Customer for their critical machining requirements in Green sand & Shell core iron castings as well as Forgings.

With tangible results of backward integration, we chalked out a forward move and put in preliminary efforts in developing our own product. And thus, was born our high precision, high powered, Vehicle Mounted Firefighting pump.

The Strengths

Ratna Udyog has perfect business strategies. Adopt latest technology, acquire most modern machines, establish and allow the systems to work, acquire best of human talent ahead of time, gauge the winds of changes and prepare for it bestowed Ratna Udoyg a leading position. Customers prefer Ratna Udyog because of value based business practices, precision, sticking up to the commitments and cost benefit.

“Strategically Equipped Facilities to Optimize Your Outsourced Precision-Machining Needs”

Our Team

Ratna Udyog has a visionary Board of Director, an efficient and foresighted Managing Director, qualified and experienced senior officers, qualified and experienced engineers, qualified technicians, and a conducive work culture. All this facilitate in bringing out excellence by every constituent of the company. Strong and clear Human Resource policies and in place which gives a high degree of confidence and stability to its employees.

Our Global Reach

It is the solution-based approach that has helped us get wide reach across the globe leading us to export more than 40% Export of our products to USA & Europe.


Our Customers are Most Treasured Assets

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Ratna Udyog

The present day Ratna Udyog is all set to spread its activities in a very balanced and methodical way that will ensure solutions for variety of needs from raw castings to machined supply for OEM and then to high precision products.

We offer you a synergy of resources to reduce your manufacturing costs, optimize the performance of your components and products, and mitigate your supply chain risks. Our facilities are strategically equipped to optimize your outsourced precision-machining needs.Whatever products you require we have an integrated capability, which seamlessly manages your metal component manufacture and supply process, end-to-end.

Ratna Udyog is into Critical machining of cast iron, forged & aluminium parts and 6 years back started with our own Shell moulding Iron castings. In house shell core shell mould capacity is of around 800T per month. We also buy around 300T of green sand castings and machine it to supply as fully finished components to our customers. Customers are finding it One stop solution as we were already into critical machining and with this backward integration into Shell mould, we can offer fully finished ready to assemble parts.

All the other related facilities required for Critical Hydraulics & Auto, Non Auto parts are available in house like Internal Shot blasting machine, High pressure Cleaning, Millipore value checking equipment, Leak testing equipment, Borescopes etc. Other Important facilities are outsourced like Thermal decoring and special paintings.