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Reliable Resource for Precision-critical Manufacturing

At Ratna Udyog, high-speed CNC machining expertise and state-of-the-art facilities combine to produce intricate, difficult-to-manufacture, and tight-tolerance critical parts. Our customers require advanced capabilities beyond those of solitary machine shops. Scalability is our core strength as we continue to invest in the evolution and enhancement of our nationwide manufacturing and finishing operations. We answer the need for flexible production capacities and related services.

Bring a new synergy to your precision-machined component and product development needs

Ratna Udyog combines application expertise and advanced technologies to serve precision-driven industrial markets. We provide optimized manufacturing operations to deliver tight-tolerance complex parts. We focus on customer service to increase supply chain value. As a complete contract manufacturer, we offer prototyping, design assistance for optimal manufacturability and full production support

Quality Policy

We at Ratna Udyog, are committed for customer satisfaction through supply of quality finished products, at right price in desired time, with active involvement of employees at all levels through continual improvement & training

Quality Assurance

To meet consistent standards and high quality, we apply quality procedures at every step in our integrated manufacturing process. Our team means that quality is integrated and measured throughout the manufacturing schedule. Our engineers set up a Control Plan, which specifies every detail in the manufacturing process: from the initial sample specifications, tooling, production and finishing processes, as well as the quality inspection tests. Our inspectors personally check every production run against these rigorous criteria, both for foundry, machine shop and in our partner network.

Componants We Manufactured

40 % Export

Critical castings & critical machined components manufactured by us with utmost precision

Our Global Reach

It is the solution-based approach that has helped us get wide reach across the globe leading us to export more than 40% Export of our products to USA & Europe.


Our Customers are Most Treasured Assets

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